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Aim Nonwovens and Interiors Pvt. Ltd.


Manufacturer of Modular Kitchens and Providing Complete Interior Solution in PU as well as lacquered Glass for interiors industry - residential as well as commercial. We also provide finished leathers for various applications like leather articles, accessories, shoes, belts etc. We also Manufacturer and converter meltblown, needlepunch, chemical bonded and thermal bonded nonwovens for applications like HVAC Filtration, Automotive Filtration, Automotive Interiors, Oil Spill Products, Face Masks and Respirators.

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Manufacturer of thermal bonded Nonwovens for automotives.
Manufacturer of thermal bonded Nonwovens for automotives.
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AUTOMOTIVE FILTER MEDIAS INR 0 INR 0 Advantages Available in Polypropylene (PP) and Polybutylene Terphthalate (PBT) Used for oil ffiltration, Fuel Water Separation, Engine Air Media, Cabin Air Filter Media, etc. True 1463292356
Water Filter Cartridge
Water Filter Cartridge INR 0 INR 0 AQUASORB – SPUN CARTRIDGES Description Aquasorb is the latest development in nominal rated meltblown filter cartridge design. Produced with 100% pure FDA complaint polypropylene with continuous grade density. The meltblown manufacturing method is used for improvement of mechanical strength and steady maintenance of filtering accuracy by 3D polymeric fibrous structures. Specifications: Available in all sizes – 5” to 50” and Jumbo (Big blue) Made using 100% PP and PBT Available in 1 micron to 20 micron rating Available in with and without core No lubricants or anti-static additives Advantages: High flow rate, low pressure drop and longer life service Self bonded with no chemical binder OEM branding possible Customize size and specifications possible Applications – Food and beverage industry, chemical industry, RO plants, pharmaceutical, etc. True 1463216198
Pocket Filters for HVAC
Pocket Filters for HVAC INR 0 INR 0 FINE DUST POCKET FILTER MEDIA – BAGS (POCKETS) AND WELDED ROLLS FORM Description It is manufactured from polypropylene using the meltblown process and because of its unique structure, it achieves outstanding filter performance. Multi-layer structure guarantees very high separation efficiency throughout the life of the filter. The typical product advantages also include low pressure drop and a particularly high dust holding capacity. Specifications Available in all depths – 10” to 36” and rolls of 150 meters length Standard width available is 675mm. Widths upto 1 meter are possible Available in all MERV7 to MERV15 ratings (G3, G4 and F5 to F9) Manufactured by ultrasonic welding Tested as per EN779 and Ashrae 52.2 standards 6 spacer ultrasonic welding technology OEM branding possible Advantages Filter Media and all components are produced in India Quality control of the complete production with internal filter test equipment and modern quality management tools Environment friendly and easily disposable True 1463217044
FACE MASKS AND RESPIRATOR MEDIAS INR 0 INR 0 FACE MASKS AND RESPIRATOR MEDIAS (MEDICAL) Description In the recent times of swine flu, avian flue and other such pandemics, we have realized a need for the requirement of high efficiency filter media. Supplied on a global basis our filter medias are used in both flat as well as molded masks. Our media’s adhere to the US respiratory standards like N95, NIOSH or the European standards of FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. The media is characterized by exceptional uniformity and high bacterial and particle filtration efficiency (BFE & PFE) which enables the user to prepare respirators and masks of highest quality. With our face mask filter media, workers are protected during grinding, sanding, painting and other residential and industrial operations that create airborne particulate. We safeguard doctors and patients from cross-contamination in hospitals. Nothing requires more attention to quality than the materials we make to protect health and safety. Our respirator media exhibits excellent efficiencies and penetration values for NaCl, DOP and paraffin oil. It provides low breathing resistance measurements for easy breathability and excellent mask comfort. It offers exceptional product uniformity and is highly economic and cost effective. In-house testing is available for all NIOSH and EN specifications on flat sheet test rig from PALAS, Germany. Specifications NIOSH, CE and EN approved. Polypropylene melt-blown filter material in different basis weight based on the requirement Disposable, lightweight, comfortable, odorless, fiberglass free, low breathing resistance and non-irritating to the skin. Approved for BFE > 99% Available in slit widths as per client’s requirement Advantages Respirators are lightweight, disposable, relatively comfortable, and inexpensive. These respirators can be used for protection from most all air contaminants. Protection against non-toxic particles and nuisance dusts, such as workshop, cleaning, pollen, sweeping, gardening, farm work, etc. MEDIAS FOR BLOOD FILTRATION As the world’s concern for a more blood increases, AIM is able to supply meltblown blood filter medias for your evaluation. True 1463218853
VACUUM CLEANER BAG MEDIA INR 0 INR 0 Description With the advent of modern day cleaning methods, modern day requirement is to produce filter bags for vacuum cleaner which stop every type of contaminant from dust to microbes from getting back into the environment. A meltblown filter media does this job well and hence is a very well accepted media for all exhaust applications. Several levels of filtration are often applied and alternative higher performance media composites are being evaluated to provide the most effective filtration solutions. The vacuum cleaner bag grade media are available in various ranges in melt blown configurations and are available in basis weight of range of 19 to 40 gsm in meltblown and composite structure formats. AIM offers a complete line of filtration media for vacuum cleaner bags. Specifications Media Construction – SMS (Spunbond + Meltblown + Spunbond) Different weight meltblown, which has good air permeability and dust retention as per client’s requirement. Ultrasonic sealing and slitting at the edges possible Customization is possible True 1463292673
PLEAT INSERTS FOR PANEL FILTERS IN PLEATS OR LAMINATED ROLLS INR 0 INR 0 Filter Medias are generally used with metal mesh backings and or plastic mesh for production of Panel filters. We complete the entire range of panel filter Medias. Specifications Available in all depths – 1” to 12” and rolls of 275 meters length Widths of 16”, 20”, 24” 25” and 30” Available in all MERV7 to MERV15 ratings (G3, G4 and F5 to F9) OEM branding possible Activated Carbon Pleats are also available Expanded GI wire mesh is been used for lamination True 1463219510
Modular Kitchen
Modular Kitchen INR 0 INR 0 We manufacture and supply modular Kitchen in PU as well as Glass shutters. Any Color, Matt or gloss finish is possible. Different effects to give unique look and touch is also possible. Visit us at True 1503575727
Office Interiors
Office Interiors INR 0 INR 0 We provide complete solutions with respect to office interiors. It can be Lacquered glass partitions to writing boards to office tables. Only one stop shop True 1503575858
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Gat No. 1264, Grampanchayat Property No. 921, Vadhu Bk, Pabal Road, Near Koregaon Bhima, Tal: Shirur, District: 412216, Maharashtra, INDIA
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